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The Wealth Planning Group!



We have a driving passion to help our Clients attain more Wealth, while sourcing the safest and best financial tools that are available!

We believe it is EXTREMELY important to protect Principal as the primary objective to growing wealth!

Warren Buffet's 2 Rules to Investing really stands out in our current economic environment:

  1. Never Lose Money
  2. Pay attention to Rule #1

We also believe you should try to attain safe double digit returns and also consider ways to reduce your taxes!

This is not an easy task but it is doable in most cases!  We really like to look at a clients full picture or a snapshot of their financial situation and educate them on the sometimes unfamiliar strategies that the wealthy have been using for generations to grow wealth and pass on wealth safely and sometimes TAX FREE!













Has anyone taken the time to show you how to make money even in a down market?  More importantly, how to not lose all the hard-earned money that you were planning on for retirment!  We often get asked can you even do such a thing?  Also how come I haven't heard of this before?

Well the answer may shock you!  Most advisors if they work for a major company are often times told what they can and can't provide to clients, even if there is something better out there for the client.  I know because I worked for those firms at one time!  I just couldn't do what they were aking me to do when I knew there was a better way to help my clients.

That is why our firm is committed to our clients and not any one company!  We will look for and find financial tools to help our clients so they can be assured of having more wealth in the future and at retirement.  If we don't offer a particular tool, no problem we will help you find someone who does.

Our goal is to work for our clients; help them and educate them on tools, that in some cases, have been around a century or more!  Shockingly, some of these tools are and have been used by financial institutions and wealthy individuals for generations to ensure the success of their firms and families!

Why not sit down with one of our advisors, get to know them and see that they are truly interested in helping you and your family!  Let us evaluate what your situation is and let us educate you on ways and Strategies to make your cash flow better, create more wealth - safely, and how to create a tax free pension that you can't outlive?