Welcome To The 401(k) Alternative

Crafted under 3 Congressional Acts  (TEFRA, DEFRA, & TAMRA) ​From the Mid 1980's

Tax Free Under IRS TAX Code 7702


Did you know that you are charged a fee just to own a 401k?


If you have Mutual Funds in your 401k

you are charged Mutual Fund Fees on top of the 401k fees.

After this video, watch the 401k Alternative video below

to see a side-by-side analysis of the Tax Free Plan  vs.  a Typical 401k (or qualified plan).

  • No Contribution Limits
  • No Pre-59 Withdrawal Penalties​
  • Gains Locked In
  • Tax Free Income
  • Zero Loss From Market Crashes
  • Tax Free Growth  
  • Tax Free to heirs 

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