If we are truly going to help you and your family to grow your wealth and help you keep it.  Then we should have some kind of process to discover how to use our knowledge of Safe Strategies, Creating Tax Free Income, Using financial tools where you can earn double digit returns safely and with guarantees, to help you and your family!

Well that brings us to the DISCOVERY part of our process.  Typically you are meeting with one of our associate advisors and you are getting to know each other.  Understand that our associates have probably asked you to bring a bunch of personal documents, tax return and a Confidential Financial Questionnaire.

Rest assured that your information is kept absolutely confidential and we will be using your documents to ask and verify the tools you are using for retirement.  You see, you are going to have good tools and bad tools.  When we ask questions, it is to find out the: why, what, how, where, when, who and for what reasons.

It is our job to ask lots of questions and to listen to your answers and make notes so that when we are creating solutions, we are addressing your concerns, needs and wants, as well as the things you might not think to ask.

During the process of us getting to know you, the more honest you are with us the better we can help!  In fact it is one of the things we really value - honesty!  We are going to be honest and truthful with you!  We know that not everyone will be a fit for us and you may find that we are not a fit for you.  If that is ever the case please be honest with us and let us know?  

So if there is ever a time in our discovery phase where we are not asking the right questions, please direct us and let us know what is on your mind.

The DISCOVERY meeting can take from an hour to several hours depending on the things that need to asked and discovered on how to help you!

Many times while we are going through the DISCOVERY meeting we will be in the analysis mode. 










This is the part of our process where we are looking at your financial tools to see if they have been doing their job for your family!  When we say this, we mean, have you made more money than you lost or has this tool pretty much been staying the same, you made a little or lost a little.

There are a lot of financial tools in the market place and it seems like everyone seems to all be doing the same thing!  Unfortunately that may not be the best for you.  That is why we use the info from our DISCOVERY phase and analyze if you are on track to retire safely or not?

We will even identify simple fixes or suggestions in your overall plan that may protect you more and allow you to position yourself to have the opportunities of a lifetime.

Many times we wish we could take advantage of a great opportunity and really cash in and retire.  The problem that we have seen is that most people are all doing the same thing that everybody else is doing and they frankly have locked themselves out of their money!

So in our meeting we may share some concepts that might be of interest to you and even evaluate where you are at right now, or we may save allot of the ANALYSIS for the EDUCATION phase of our process.










In the EDUCATION phase we will show and discuss what we have found out about your current plan and strategies in accordance with the desires and wish you expressed to us in the DISCOVERY phase.

Most likely we will be showing and discussing why your current plan has not been living up to what your expectations have been.  This may not be the fun-nest meeting because you will be reliving the losses that have really hurt your wealth accumulation.

That is ok because to put the pieces of the puzzle together so that you have more wealth and safety, we have to know where it broke down and why this happened.

So in this meeting much will be discussed, you will get overall big picture concepts of how to fix your plan!  We will most likely give you information, illustrations and spreadsheets as well as company specific information and even homework!  Yes, Homework!  

It is going to be important you to get educated in this process as well, so you will understand where you were and where you are going.  Sometimes we will hand out book(s) and assign homework reading.  This is really all for your benefit!

This process will most like entail a meeting or two or three depending on the amount of questions and concerns we educate you on.  This is all for your betterment and success!  We desire a long term relationship of trust, honesty and integrity and well as Wealth Accumulation for you and your family!

So we will take your through the problems and challenges and show you how to fix them and grow your wealth safely all through EDUCATION and learning.  We will go from a big picture to an educated client who now sees how they are going have more money, wealth, opportunities and guarantees through safe money financial planning!









This is really a fun time for us as advisors!  We feed off your excitement about making the changes that will put your family on the right track to having more money and wealth with safety and guarantees!

In this stage, we are at the culmination of all the hard work, finding out the why, what....How and going through the ANALYSIS and EDUCATION phase to get to the "HOW DO WE FIX THIS," phase; the IMPLEMENTATION phase.

First we make sure we have answered all your questions and that you are excited and educated about the new SAFE MONEY FINANCIAL PLAN we have put together for you and your family!

This is the part that our executive assistant Fenya assists in setting up and executing the strategies that have been outlined, educated and confirmed are going to help you put your head on your pillow and sleep much...much better.  Especially when the market and the economy and not looking so good.

Congratulations!  You have made it this far and things will be different from here and we are going to be here to help, advise and educate you on your journey to the wealth and future you have been dreaming of!