Good Morning Bill,

I wanted to take just a minute to tell you how much I appreciate all of the help and guidance you have given me over the past few months.  Removing my money from a traditional IRA that was invested in traditional conservative mutual funds and ETF's and placing it is truly safe money investments has been a big step for me. 

I have to tell you that it really feels good to have the changeover compete now and not feel concerned that my retirement years are in financial jeopardy by being dependent on "winning" in the stock market.  The past 13 years have been brutal riding the roller coaster market through two really major bear movements.  I look  forward to your continuing guidance that will help me with other investments designed for safety as well as diversity while generating realistic returns. 

My only regret is that we did not meet 20 years ago when some of your wisdom would have been able to develop tax favorable investments for my retirement.

And now I have to quote you, my friend,

This is "To Your Success"
Jim D. Washington


Subject: Thank you many times over

Hi Bill,

Thank you for all your invaluable advice and counsel.

I retired Friday !

I had been considering it for several months, but when we sat down with you, and came up with a plan to pay off a duplex, it all fell into place.
You looked at our complete financial situation, and gave us sound advice we couldn't have received from any other source. We had money invested in the stock market, which was overseen by a financial advisor, but he only looked at the stock market component. In our

limited thinking, we thought it was either the stock market - a savings account - or under the mattress for our money. We didn't even know about the options you explained to us.
You changed our lives - truly. And I know you will change our grand-daughter's, too. Now we don't have to limit ourselves to what colleges she can attend.
Please feel free to use any of this as an endorsement of you in your advertising.
We are so glad we met you and Fenya.

"Thank you" just doesn't seem adequate for all you have done.
Linda & Tom D. of Bend Oregon

Dear Rich and Bill,

I wanted to thank you for all of the hard work that you and Wealth Planning Group did for us.  Everyone that worked with us was very professional and helpful.  We felt the whole team went the extra mile to make sure that all of our questions were answered and that we fully understood each step of the process.   We also were very surprised and delighted at how quickly we received a return on our investment.  

We have and will continue to recommend Wealth Planning Group to our friends.  

Thanks again for all of your help.


Pastor Ron G. Bend Oregon



To Fenya and Bill at College Funding Specialists

My wife and I went to your seminar, years ago, to see and hear how we could put our daughter through college. Truefully, with some hesitation Pam and I went to the seminar at our high school and well, the rest is history.

We met with Bill in his office the following week, we were thoroughly impressed with his way of planning our financial future. Not only for our daughters college expenses, but our retirement as well. It was a package deal.

Our daughter is so fortunate not to have the debt burden a lot of college students have now. Pam and I are very thankful for the relationship we have with Bill and Fenya, they are authentic people and their goal is to help you through the maze and put the pieces of the puzzle

together to fit your needs.

Since then Bill and Fenya have become good friends, helping us with financial advice as our needs change as we get closer to retirement. 

Pam and I highly recommend College Funding Specialists!

Warmest regards,
Steve and Pam of Dinuba, CA


Hello College Funding Specialists,

I want to thank you for telling me about the S A T e-prep program. I started my oldest son on the e-prep program in the fall. After practicing with the system for three months, his second S A T score was 300 points higher than the score at the beginning of the fall semester. I

was hoping the program would work for us, I had no idea it would be as helpful as it was. I actually tell people about the program.

Karlin A. of Fresno

Hi Bill,
Before we met you I was stressing out on what were we going to do since one of our kids was graduating from high school and the other was graduating from Reedley College and they both wanted to go to a university. We want our kids to go to the university of their choice

but not be broke in sending them either. Then we went to your seminar thinking we had nothing to lose and hopefully come out of there finding out some kind of solution. My husband and I thought if you can help us with our kids college fund that you have accomplished what

we needed. But after 2 meetings with you I can't believe that not only are we getting on the right track with our kids on the university they are applying for and the funds for college but you also helped us that if we follow your plan my husband and I should retire well without

worrying about having to pay for our kids education. Again Thank you

Aireen G. of Fresno - 1st Message



Good Morning Fenya,
John wanted to know when will Bill have the parent seminars? He had told a few of his co-workers and they were interested in attending. I asked him if he told his co-workers about our daughter, Jordyn and he said he did.
Has Bill ever thought of bringing a few of the parents to speak on how Bill has helped them and their kids at the seminar? I was talking to Jordyn last week about college and her classmates going to college. When she told them some of the private schools she applied to they

did not know them. She said that the reason is probably that the school couselors don't mention them. They only mention schools like Cal Poly, Fresno State, UCLA, CSU, and so on. She feels that with you guys helping us we were more informed and with college funding

helping us step by step. She said that if it weren't for you guys we would be like most of her classmate's parents not knowing what to do about college.
Jordyn applied for 9 schools and 6 have accepted her so far. This weekend she got an award letter from Drew University in New Jersey and they will be paying for all of her college tuition($31,000 a year) for 4 years this is not including room and board. She was so excited

she can barely breath since this is her 1st choice from all the schools she appled for! We were also excited, John kept reading it to make sure that we did not have to pay it back but as for me you don't want your child to go too far especially not a different state. She wanted

us to fax it to Kim at College Funding right away but I told her lets wait for all the other college's award letter plus we are visiting Drew University in April and what if we don't like the school. Part of me wants her to go but of course the mom in me hopes that the other

colleges will pay for all of her tuition plus her room and board because she knows that we are picking a college that would help us the most and she does not know this but I would love her to be at least closer to home. We will let you know what happens.
I want to thank you again for all your help.

Aireen G. of Fresno - 2nd Message



Dear Bill,

You're awesome! Thank you!! We've had so many questions sweating through this whole college application process that we have already come to value your experience highly.

Cathy C. of Fresno



Cathy C. Letter to FCS Principal

Dear Mr. Endicott,

I wanted to let you know that I attended a college planning seminar that Bill Grigorieff put on for Clovis West. Thank you for recommending Mr. Grigorieff to our family. Bill really opened my eyes to the entire college planning process and was gracious to meet with me

privately a few weeks after the seminar to answer additional questions. Bill and I were discussing the Clovis West meeting and how I heard about it and, when Bill learned that our kids attend FCS, he mentioned that he was thinking about talking to administration about

offering a seminar for FCS families. I know you already do an absolutely fantastic job for our students and have provided invaluable insight to our family. In evaluating whether any additional seminars would be of benefit, I was unsure if you had heard any of Bill's presentations

and might want a parent's perspective. Much of what Bill had to say was already familiar ground due to your counseling, but I think the presentation provided additional resources on planning that went beyond what the school would want to get into and some different

perspectives that were very helpful. In particular, Bill talked about how to balance a family's need for retirement planning with our interests in getting our kids a first rate education. He also provided some great comments on various financial planning vehicles that families tend

to use improperly and end up backfiring. Bill also has some interesting computer analysis programs and other tools for maximizing FAFSA results and matching colleges with students. Since Bill made the comment that he was considering approaching FCS sometime in the

future, I thought it might be helpful to provide you with the feedback regarding my experience with the recent seminar and meeting if Bill does make that offer to FCS.

With regard,

Cathy C. of Fresno




To Prospective Clients,

We first went to a College Funding Specialists workshop that we learned about in a flyer on our doorstep. To hear that our child could possibly go to a good college for alot less money or no money at all was a big relief. He can tell you what you and your child need to do to

make this work.We then had an appointment in the office of Bill Grigorieff at CFS and WPG. Bill and his staff are very friendly and professional. Bill really knows his stuff and if you have any questions you will get answers. They have helped us to learn more about our

finances and to get our assets in order so that they will be gaining instead of losing value. In these economic times its good to know that there is at least one honest person out there that has the knowledge to help us protect what we have worked so hard for. It is always

necessary to have good information before making any decisions regarding finances, before making any big decisions and we feel comfortable with the info and companies that WPG does business with. Through the knowledge and advice of Bill and his staff we have been able

to put solar on our home and cut our mortgage by $500 a month. We always look to do business with Christian people knowing that we are all family. We have found working with CFS & WPG to be of great service to us. We feel like our assets are better protected now

and when we have questions we can call and get answers right away. We would encourage anyone and everyone to attend a workshop and hear what CFS has to say and how they can help you and your children.
Michael & Jackie K. of Fresno




To Prospective Clients,

Our son wanted to attend a private school for his college education. We had saved for college but weren't prepared for the financial demands that came up his first year. By the end of that year, he had used up half of what he had saved for his entire college education. We

knew we had to make some changes if we wanted him to continue at that school. We heard about the College Funding Specialists Financial Aid Workshop through his high school and attended. Right away, we were impressed with Bill Gregorieff and his knowledge of the

college financial aid process. As soon as the workshop was over, we scheduled an appointment to meet with Bill for a consultation. On our very first appointment we felt Bill took a personal interest in our family and our financial situation. We continued to meet with him as he

helped us figure out ways to reinvest our money and explained the college funding process. We learned so much and he was very patient to answer every question and concern we had. At the same time, he helped us plan for retirement and helped give us peace of mind about

our financial future. We were able to make some revisions on our FAFSA and our son's second year financial situation was completely different. Our Estimated Family Contribution was considerably lowered and it looks like he will be able to complete his degree at his college

of choice with the money we had saved for that purpose. With Bill's help, filing the FAFSA and other scholarship applications is no longer a dreaded task. I have told many friends about the help we have received from Bill and would recommend Bill's expertise to anyone who

is entering these years of funding their children's college education!

Marlin and Michelle H. of Fresno




To Prospective Clients,

We heard about College Funding Specialists from a letter from our daughters high school. We went with an attitude of what we might glean from the presentation, but not much more than that. We were wrong. Bill had a limited time to do his presentation, and was focusing on

those who were in a higher than average tax bracket. It was great information, but seemed to miss our situation; We are older parents with a single income; but as we were leaving I ask Bill's wife if he could help someone in a lower tax bracket. She emphatically answered

"yes." We made an appointment and after discussing the details of our income, Bill not only showed us how he could help us get our daughter into college, prepare for the SAT, but also helped us with our cash flow situation. By simply changing the vehicle for our retirement

savings, he gave us flexibility, secure savings and life insurance without spending a dime from our monthly income. With his plan, we have money freed up for college and a guaranteed return of all money used in the process. Our retirement is secure with benefits for my family

and with the return on the investment, all monies used will be there when we reach retirement age. Bill did not create more debt for us, but created a better cash flow, kept us in a low tax bracket, gave us tools and plans to work into each succeeding year to help pay for our

oldest daughters college and plan for our youngest daughters college plans as well. He took us where we were and gave us a plan that works. Bill is a Christian with a "relevance" that is real and biblical. It is his outlook toward the twenty-first century with a biblical basis that is

very peaceful to work with. College Funding Specialists keep us informed, up to date and moving ahead each step of the way in preparing for our daughters college entrance. Raising two girls is a full time assignment, but if we had to add on top of that planning and preparing

for college, we would never be able to accomplish it. There is just to much to know and keep up with. Bill has taken that burden away and replaced it with a well thought out plan of action that we can accomplish. The expertise and professionalism that is provided has given us

a great peace of mind.


Gary and Mae S. of Fresno



BILL ~ Thank you very much for taking time to meet with us last week.We are extremely pleased to find a "financial consultant" that values integrity and family.

Debbie F. of Fresno



I wanted to thank you for meeting with me to discuss college funding for my daughter’s, college education. The information that you gave me was invaluable. I wished I had that knowledge years ago. I am looking forward to meeting again when my son (who is a freshman) is

ready to go to college. May the service that you give to people be blessed, and cause your busy to prosper even more. Again thank you, thank you, thank you.


Della G. of Fresno



Hi Bill,

I wanted to write & say Thank You for all your help in getting our finances & IRA's in order & more manageable! Thanks for taking the time with us to explain to me our IRA money is safe. We appreciate you and your expertice!

Allan & Adel N. of Fresno



Dear Bill and Fenya,

We want to wish you a Happy New Year we hope 2010 is a blessed and peacful year for both of you. Steve and I want to thank you very much for helping us with our retirement planning and also the college planning for the girls. We are so thankful for your advice, and we

are so happy that we followed your advice! The college planning went very well; and if we had not listened to you about our retirement accounts, we would have lost all of the money we worked so hard to save. So, we thank you for your timely advice; it was extremely

valuable. Alexis is at Fresno Pacific and did very well. Sarah finished her BA at Berkeley in December (3.5 years), and she applied to graduate schools. She is still working on campus at CAL and will walk her commencement exercises in May(With her friends). Everyone is

working hard. We thank you for everything, and we are so happy to have met such a fine, young couple.

God Bless

Stephen and Liz N. of Fresno



Dear Bill and Staff:

Just a few words to express our gratitude & thanks for all the help & support with our son Adrian's plans for college.

Many Thanks

Pete and Maria P. of Fresno